Argument from Unintelligent Design

The Bible claims that the Creation itself testifies of its Creator, when analysed carefully. When we do, we find the humans grow more teeth than can fit on human mandibles, and all sorts of other examples of poor design. Is God misleading on purpose, to allow the possibility of disbelief? It wouldn’t make sense, the Bible claims God on purpose has put inside Creation evidence for his existence. But if we look into Creation, we find evidence that seems to support the opposite idea, that the Universe wasn’t designed. No wonder the most competent students of creation, the scientists, are statistically the less likely to believe in God.

Richard Dawkins on Unintelligent Design. Youtube

Human Chromosome 2 (Fused). – Wikipedia.
Human Chromosome 2 – youtube. – Ken Miller
Defensive article on – Not convincing. Defensive article on
A more in-depth analysis of the fused chromosome theory on
Article on Discover Magazine.

Article on Geophagus.
Defense: Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Is Not Evidence of Poor Design. – An article on the Institute for Creation Research site. While the article is in-depth and knowledgeable, it amounts to nothing more than hand-waving, trying to hide the obvious with a complex smokescreen of terminology. “One who asserts that the RLN is a poor design assumes that a better design exists, a claim that cannot be asserted unless an alternative embryonic design from fertilized ovum to fetus–including all the incalculable molecular gradients, triggers, cascades, and anatomical twists and tucks–can be proposed that documents an improved design”. Gee, God, just trace those stupid nerves over that artery, not looping UNDER it. What’s so complicated?


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